Pest Control for Cockroaches and Redback Spiders

To many people, CleanPest is known as their local Brisbane carpet cleaners. But, the reality is, we also specialise in North Brisbane Pest Control. This article has been published to give Brisbane and Brisbane Northside residents a number of handy hints and tips to manage pests effectively in their household or local business.

Insect pests inside your home can be unsightly and annoying, but have you considered where these pests have been and the areas where they may frequent before entering your home?

Some species of cockroach, for example, mainly live outside in gardens etc. They may gather in drains and sewers etc. Once inside your home, bacteria can be easily spread across food preparation surfaces and cooking implements etc.

Ants feed on dead animal carcasses where high levels of bacteria may be found, then enter your home. It is easy to assume that there is no pest problem. However, just because cockroaches may not be seen doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not living inside your house.

For your safety and health regular pest control treatment should be carried out to minimise the risk of disease associated with bacteria being spread by cockroaches and ants.

Pest Control for Cockroaches

There are a few common species of cockroach found in Brisbane. Australian and American Cockroaches are very common. These are the larger species and will grow to between 20 and 40cm in length. Some species may fly in the warmer months, making it easier to enter your home through open windows and doors etc.

These cockroaches inhabit drains, sewers, gardens and rubbish bins. Also wall, roof voids and subfloors. When considering Brisbane and North Brisbane Pest Control , remember that cockroaches are mainly nocturnal and hide in cracks and crevices during the day. Naturally, this makes it difficult to know whether there is a cockroach problem.

During the night, cockroaches will become more active and wander in search of food and water. Pest Control Treatments can help minimise the risk of cockroaches spreading bacteria in your home by reducing cockroach numbers and providing a residual barrier to help control cockroach population.

Hints and Tips to Keep Cockroaches Away

  • Always maintain a high level of hygiene, particularly in the kitchen area.
  • Kitchen bins should have a closed lid to help prevent cockroach entry.
  • Dog and cat food should not be left out, as this is a food source for cockroaches.
  • Inspect your home at night. The extent of cockroach activity is easier to determine at night when cockroaches are more active.

German Cockroaches

German Cockroaches in Brisbane are a smaller species, growing to about 18mm in length. This species of cockroach are prolific breeders and can become a major problem in a relatively short period of time. If left untreated, German Cockroaches can be difficult to eradicate and may require several Pest treatments. For this reason, early detection is very important.

German Cockroaches will normally be found in the kitchen areas and around dishwashers and in other appliances. Once the infestation becomes large they can be found throughout the dwelling. Swift Pest Treatment for German Cockroaches is important. If an infestation is suspected Professional Pest Control should be carried out as soon as possible.

Redback Spiders at Your Property

Redback Spiders can be found in most areas of Brisbane. We have noticed more concentrated populations of Redback Spiders in some areas of Brisbane, especially in the North Brisbane region.

  • The female Redback Spider bites and can be identified by the by the red marking on the back.
  • The male Redback Spider is smaller and black and do not bite.

Pest Control of Redbacks in North Lakes and Redcliffe will involve a thorough inspection of the property and relevant treatment. Common Redback Spider hotspots are under outdoor furniture, under stairs, under and around window ledges and in rubbish around the property.

  • The Redback Spider bite, apart from being painful, can be dangerous, particularly for children and pets.
  • Regular inspection and Pest Control treatments for Redback Spiders should be carried out regularly to minimise risk to humans and animals.
  • CleanPest recommends North Brisbane Pest Control Treatment for your property once every 12-months.
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