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Like carpet, upholstery gets dirty too

Our North Brisbane and Moreton Bay furniture cleaning division just keeps on growing. There are, of course, many good reasons why upholstery cleaning is becoming increasingly popular. One of the major reasons for increased demand in this service is the cost of furniture. The fact is: furniture is expensive. Taking good care of your current furniture is much cheaper than having to replace it.

In reality, furniture upholstery is very similar to carpet. For example, furniture fabrics (upholstery) attract dust, dust mites and air-born grime. They are also exposed to dirty bodies, including dirty feet. Just like carpet, dirt and stains build up over time.

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5-step upholstery cleaning system

A thorough examination of your valuable furniture will be performed before we begin our upholstery steam cleaning service. The inspection, which is performed by our qualified upholstery technician, is to ensure that your upholstery is appropriate for steam cleaning.

Before we commence the upholstery steam cleaning process, we vacuum clean each item that you elect to brighten up. The idea here is to remove any surface contaminants, including food crumbs, skin cells and pet hair.

In the same way we spot clean visible marks and stains on your carpet, we do the same on your furniture upholstery. Because upholstery is not as durable as carpet, we use a diluted version of our special spot cleaning formula. After all, we want to remove dirt and stains, and not your furniture’s colour.

Steam Cleaning for furniture needs to be less intense in comparison to carpet application. We use the latest steam cleaning procedures available, using a vacuum system with a ‘Hepa Filter’ to remove dust mites and allergens.

This is approved and endorsed by “Australian Asthma Foundation”.

At CleanPest carpet, upholstery and pest control, we’re dead against crispy clean carpets that smell like a basket full of dirty socks. We believe that clean carpets must also smell clean. For this reason, stage six involves carpet deodorising and neutralising unwanted odours.

Then, (if required) we repeat our spot cleaning and steam extraction processes a further time to remove and stubborn stains or marks.

Our state of the art steam cleaning process will have your furniture sit on dry within hours (not days like others).

You can’t clean a dress, a t-shirt or pair of socks with a vacuum cleaner. And you can’t clean furniture with a vacuum cleaner, either!