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Not All Redcliffe Carpet Cleaners are Equal

As our readers are aware, a large aspect of our business involves Carpet Cleaning Redcliffe and surrounding areas.

Recently I was contacted by a customer in Redcliffe who had just had her carpets cleaned by another carpet cleaning company. She was not happy with the finished  job. As she explained, there were still soiled, dark areas that did not look clean.

She had called the original carpet cleaning business and they subsequently returned and cleaned the carpets for a second time. However, they were unable to improve upon the first clean that they had done. She asked me if I would mind if I could have a look at her carpets to see if I think they could be improved.

When I arrived at the Redcliffe property, I noticed that the carpet was Polypropylene, which is a common type of carpet fibre used today. Basically it is a type of plastic and has its own characteristics. After normal use over a period of time, Polypropylene tends to flatten in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic. It can also be damaged fairly easily, especially when scuffed from dragging furniture etc. In these worn areas, a type of shadowing appears, and in certain light or at different angles, it can appear that theses worn areas are dirty, as they look different to the surrounding carpet.

Upon inspection of the carpet at this Redcliffe property, I noticed some of these areas and explained to the customer that they were from wear and may not be able to be visually improved. However, some other areas were, to me, obviously still dirty and in my opinion they could be improved. I also noticed some small stains that could have been removed using spot stain treatment.

She booked me to come back and Steam Clean her Redcliffe carpets once again. After pre-spraying the carpets, Steam Cleaning and carrying out spot stain removal in some areas, I was able to improve the visual appearance of the carpets. This included the removal of the small stains that were overlooked in the original carpet cleaning process. The customer was very happy with the result and explained that the original company had not pre-sprayed the carpets before the extraction process. This would have had an affect on the quality of the finished job.

It is important that the carpets are pre-sprayed using a high quality, low ph detergent, which is designed specifically for Carpet Cleaning. The detergent is then left to dwell in the carpets for a few minutes. This helps soften and break down soil molecules, so that the soiling can be much more efficiently removed using the Carpet Steam Cleaning (Water Extraction) process, resulting in a better end result.

The secret to having the cleanest carpets possible

In summary, the difference between an average carpet cleaning result and a great result comes down to a few things:

  • Technique used (use an experienced technician)
  • Quality of chemicals used
  • Attention to detail (time and effort spent on stain removal, even for very small stains, chewing gum etc.)
  • Well maintained machinery. (Carpet Steam Cleaning machines only have 2 main parts — Vacuum motors or blowers and a pressure pump. As long as these parts are in good working order an experienced Carpet Cleaning technician can produce a great result with any Professional Quality Carpet extraction machine)
  • Pre-spraying of the carpets
  • Anti-Bacterial chemicals used where an odour is present in the carpet
  • Deodorising of the carpeted areas.

Please call CleanPest for Quality, Affordable Carpet Steam Cleaning in Brisbane. We service Redcliffe, North Lakes, Deception Bay, Rothwell and most North Brisbane Suburbs.

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