How to get rid of Black Ants

How to get rid of black house ants?

Black House ants (also known as, ‘Black Ants’) can be seen in large numbers in the Brisbane and North Brisbane areas. This is especially true during the warmer months, when they can be more active due to temperature increases and changing weather conditions.

Black ants tend to nest outside in gardens and trees but also sometimes in wall voids, subfloors and even inside the house.

Apart from being unsightly, black ants when tracking or swarming in large numbers, may also carry harmful bacteria. In some instances may cause disease in humans. Therefore, when black ants are noticed inside the dwelling it is most concerning.

Dealing with black house ants inside the home

When black ants are noticed inside your home or dwelling, it is most important to use non-chemical and chemical methods to help prevent indoor infestations of Ants.

As with cockroaches, black house ants are capable of transmitting disease. This occurs when the black ant spreads bacteria onto food preparation surfaces, including cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils etc.

Worker Ants may forage for food sources, often far from the actual nest, making it difficult to treat the nest directly in most cases. Therefore other methods need to be used to either deter the entry of ants into the building or try to eliminate the nest using special black ant baiting techniques.

It is particularly important to maintain a high level of hygiene in and around the dwelling to minimise the risk of Ant infestation indoors. For example, keeping kitchen benches free from food crumbs at all times is important.

There are of course many ant species, which may become a problem in the home. Interestingly, black house ants seem to be the main species of concern in Brisbane, including all suburbs in the Brisbane Northside vicinity.

Many species of Ants , including the black house ant, can establish nests in various parts of the dwelling. Most often, they do so to be closer to a particular food source. Eliminating the food source is a good option, where possible.

Effective treatment of different species of Ants in Brisbane may require a slightly different approach by the pest technician, depending on the species. For example, in the case of Coastal Brown Ants, baiting may not be an option. This is because the Coastal Brown species of ants prefer dead insects and organic animal matter. Consideration must be made to size of infestation, areas affected and type of Ant species when considering a treatment approach.

Tree branches touching the building can also be a pathway for Black Ants and other species to enter the dwelling.

Where there is an ongoing problem, the treatment of Ants in Brisbane can be a complex issue. Seeking professional help can often be the best option.

So, how do I get rid of indoor black ants?

Well, here are our 8 top tips to help prevent a major Ant infestation at home:

  1. Always maintain a high level of hygiene
  2. Keep potential food sources to a minimum where possible.(eg. Always store food in seled containers)
  3. Wash food preparation surfaces and utensils regularly
  4. Regularly clean floor areas, particularly where food crumbs are often present
  5. Wash out Dog and Cat food bowls regularly (black house ants love pet food bowls)
  6. Keep outdoor areas free from used soft drink containers (black ants love to consume sugar)
  7. Regularly clean drawers, under sink area and shelves etc, particularly in the kitchen where food is more likely to be used.
  8. Trim all branches that are touching the building to help prevent an easy pathway into the dwelling.

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