Carpet Cleaning Bacteria

Is your carpet growing bacteria?

We all like to have a clean environment inside our homes. But, did you know that Brisbane, including North Brisbane, is susceptible to having potentially harmful bacteria growing in your carpets?

Although we offer cheap carpet cleaning, the quality of our carpet cleaning services is exceptionally high. Over many years, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about carpet, as well as problems associated with carpet. This article will explain how to address a particularly nasty problem known as, bacteria.

Why do carpets grow bacteria?

As with many products made up of fibres, carpet can be a great environment for bacteria to grow and thrive. It’s easy to put your clothes in the washing machine to rid them of bacteria. Unfortunately, we can’t run our carpet through a washing machine. Nonetheless, it’s just as important to keep your carpets clean. This truly helps to prevent bacteria growth within carpets.

Of course, carpet bacteria can have a negative health effect. And, some bacteria can cause strong odours throughout the home, which is less than desirable. Odour from carpet bacteria can be caused by many things.

In fact, pet urine can be a common cause of odour in your carpets. Pet urine should be removed as soon as possible to help prevent odour build-up and bacterial growth.

Moisture trapped in your carpets can also cause mould, which is, in fact, a type of bacteria.

Have you ever had a washing machine overflow onto your carpets? Or, have you ever spilt a cup of coffee on your carpet? If so, you will know that the carpet can stay wet for a long time. This moisture can get into and below the carpet backing, possibly resulting in mould growth.

Even when the carpet eventually feels dry, the mould can continue to grow. This is because moisture can still be trapped in the carpet backing, or between the backing and underlay, even though the carpet feels dry.

Carpet bacteria and mould prevention tips

Here are a several tips to help prevent mould and bacteria growth in your carpets:

  1. In very rainy weather, towels should be placed on the carpet and near carpeted entrances. This will help prevent moisture from being tramped down into the carpet fibre. This tip can help prevent mould growth. If an area seems damp, a fan should be used to help dry the carpet promptly.
  2. It’s important to have your carpets regularly cleaned and sanitised to help stop bacteria growth and help prevent odours and possible negative health effects to you and your family. Carpets should be Professionally cleaned every 12 months, more regularly if pets are frequently indoors.
  3. Any major spills on your carpet should be removed using Professional Flood Extraction equipment, as quickly as possible.
  4. Pet urine should be removed quickly to help prevent odour and bacteria growth. Blot the affected area with a damp towel, then use a dry towel. Sprinkle Baking soda over the area and leave overnight. Vacuum out the next day. Have your carpet professionally cleaned regularly.

Of course, when the carpets are cleaned, moisture will be re-introduced as a result of the cleaning process. This is needed to clean your carpets effectively. However, this moisture needs to be extracted back out efficiently, in order to ensure that the carpets dry properly.

Choosing a Professional, Experienced Carpet Cleaning Company is important. It is the only proven way to make sure your carpets are properly cleaned and sanitised.

Cleanpest services most North Brisbane suburbs, including North Lakes, Redcliffe, Deception Bay, Kallangur, Burpengary, Petrie and Narangba.

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