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Choosing floor coverings for your home can be a challenging task, especially considering the amount of options available on the market today. There are a number of options you can choose such as tiles, timber, vinyl, carpet, plastic flooring etc.

We all like to have a clean environment inside our homes. But, did you know that Brisbane, including North Brisbane, is susceptible to having potentially harmful bacteria growing in your carpets?

There are a number of theories on what is the best option and of course personal taste plays an important role in the decision making process.

Many people believe that hard floor coverings such as tiles or timber look flooring are better for people with asthma or allergies, however this is not necessarily the case, as carpet can trap dust particles and allergens, helping prevent airborne particles, which can be breathed in and worsen asthma or allergies.

Of course, cost is often a major factor in deciding on a particular type of floor covering. As well as personal  preference and the cost factor, practicality should also be a consideration.

The type of dwelling should also be considered when picking out a particular floor covering. For instance, timber homes on stumps can be colder in winter if certain types of hard floor coverings are used.

Here are a few pointers to consider when deciding  on floor coverings:

Hard Floor Coverings

  1. Clean looks/Fashionable
  2. Available in many forms, styles and colours
  3. Cooling effect in summer
  4. Need regular sweeping or vacuuming to help prevent airborne dust particles, which can be breathed in and worsen allergies. (hard floors should be swept or vacuumed at least every 2 days)
  5. Can be slippery when damp or wet.
  6. Allow more noise and echoing within the dwelling.
  7. Can need regular mopping to remove marks and dirt build up to maintain a nice appearance.
  8. Hard on feet
  9. Can be expensive.


  1. Can be visually appealing in certain styles
  2. Available in many styles, patterns, colours and fibre types
  3. Warming effect in winter
  4. Cosy feeling
  5. Needs vacuuming. Carpet can trap dust particles/ keeping air cleaner, provided a good vacuum cleaner is used regularly. (vacuum at least once a week)
  6. Not slippery when damp or wet
  7. Carpet has a dampening effect on noise (helps make dwelling quieter)
  8. Should be professionally cleaned every 12-months on average to maintain good condition and help prevent excessive wear and bacteria growth.
  9. Soft and comfortable on feet
  10. Carpet is susceptible to staining if not cared for properly
  11. Can be more cost effective compared to many hard floor options
  12. Carpet can be a long lasting investment if cared for properly.

In summary, Carpet does have many advantages as a comfortable, hard wearing, practical choice for your home. CleanPest provides Professional Carpet Cleaning Care Services to keep your investment in top condition and looking great.

Servicing most North Brisbane suburbs, including Redcliffe, North Lakes, Burpengary, Deception Bay, Rothwell,  Kallangur, Mango Hill and Murrumba Downs.

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